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10 Reasons To Back Up Your Files!

We all resist to do this but it can be really helpful, as there are millions of hackers out there and billions of viruses and some of which cancels out your anti-virus program and then destroys your computer along with all those personal files and important data. Many of us think that out anti-virus program will defend us from everything, it is true that anti-virus program helps but what about the newer viruses the viruses that aren’t in the database of the anti-virus program. What about them? This is the reason you need to back up your files.

10 Reasons To Back Up:

  1. Viruses
  2. Hardware failure
  3. Computer Reboot
  4. Hackers
  5. Accidentally deleting your own files
  6. corrupted files
  7. theft
  8. phishing
  9. unsupported files
  10. You know that your files are safe

This is just the start of the list so make sure your files are backed up you never know what the next computer threat is, so make sure you keep your files backed up. There are many ways of backing up, first of all there is burning the files to cd (the problem with this method is that you end up losing the cd) but there’s also publishing your files on the internet where your files are secure, there are softwares that enable to do this for example drop box.

I will do a review of Dropbox in a future blog post, that it’s for this post please tell me whether you back up your data or not.

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What Browser is Best For Me? (Part 1)

Choosing browsers and switching between them can be a pain. This is a three part post where I will be listing the positives of each browser and also the negatives, remember the tests I will be doing the tests on a pc and not a mac a mac version should come around later, make sure you are following me on twitter then you’ll know when the mac version will be coming around.


Firefox has been around for quite a while now and the firefox addicts have been stuck with it also, so why have they preferred this browser? Well the reason they stuck with it is because they haven’t checked out any other browser because firefox can be customized to the user’s preference and the user is in full control of the billions of addons and themes. Firefox has even the users support, because it’s the users that submit these themes and addons.

The negatives are that all those themes and addons that are installed within the browser will eventually make the browser slow and even crash, this can really be a pain especially if you have slow internet anyway. This is frustrating which is why I my self don’t use firefox.

Let me know what you use in the comments below and don’t forget about part 2 where I will ¬†examine the positives and negatives about internet explorer. Follow me on twitter and you’ll never miss a post!

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Downloading Youtube Videos Just Got Easier!

Find a youtube downloader that works on all occasion can be a real pain, well I just found a tool that can download videos from youtube it self which means no software needed and one more thing it works with google chrome, firefox and safari so no worry and an internet explorer version is coming soon .

The youtube downloader is called “fastesttube” and is an extension or addon as you would say in firefox, and I’m pleased to say it works, well if it didn’t work why would I post about it.

Here Is a link to their website where you download it

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Hi The offical tutorialhack blog has been launched can’t wait to start posting lots more content, remember follow me on twitter link is on the sidebar and don’t miss my posts by subscribing by rss again link is on the sidebar.


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